the journal of a 


A Blog On My Insane Life..... insanely great life! I am starting a blog for no reason at all, just to share with the world about my life and to reveal my personality through my writing. I will TRY to make it as funny, entertaining, sarcastic, humorous, enjoyable, compelling, and as lively as possible. But hold on, there is a key word in there: try. ​I am truly sorry if one article is not appealing, entertaining, or interesting. But I will try my best to entertain you readers as much as possible, so just bear with me.

       Just so you know, my name is Natalie and I live in Texas. I am a loud outgoing person who isn't shy at all. I love to laugh and be outdoors. Six months ago, I moved from California. And man, I loved it there. I love food, the mountains, and traveling. I am a competitive swimmer for COPS, and, even though I live in Texas, I love hiking. Texas: home of the mountainless plains. This August, I plan on going on a backpacking trip in Colorado for a week! I love sloths, playing the guitar, chocolate, and rice pudding. I have gone to 8 different countries, I have one brother and one sister that are both older and out of the house. I love the cold and Christmas, and being LDS.